The latest issue of Legal Mixed Zone is out now

We are proud to present the second issue of our information letter on Spanish law “Legal Mixed Zone”.

As the name indicates, the Legal Mixed Zone deals with a bit of everything, and if you are related to Spain, we promise that it will be interesting reading.

In this issue, you can read about a particularly complicated case that we have solved for a Danish executor, and the possible new rules for real estate agents in Andalusia.

For those interested in sports, there is useful knowledge about club change from a Spanish club in Spain.

You will also find out why the banks are currently having great difficulty enforcing their mortgage in Spain, and how a new Supreme Court ruling contributes to the clarification of when you are considered self-employed / freelancer and when you are considered a false self-employed and hence an employment relationship.

If you are a user of legal services in Spain, you will find our explanation of the difference between a Spanish lawyer and an unauthorized advisor particularly relevant.

You will gain insight into the new rules on homework, which in the light of the corona are highly topical in Spain, and the same can be said about a draft law regarding a new tax reference value for real estate in Spain, which is expected to be approved later.

We explain why the requirement for a tourist license for short-term rental of real estate in Spain must not be underestimated. A Danish holiday fund has been taught an expensive lesson on this matter. You can also read more about why the declaration of liability that replaces the license of first occupation for a property in Andalusia is probably only a temporary solution.

Finally, you can get an overview of the governing bodies of a Spanish company and an introduction to the Spanish inheritance tax in Murcia.