Zafo Law has set up a separate department where we focus on areas of expertise that are all unique due to the degree of specialization and special experience that the employees of Zafo Law possess within these areas. In addition to our in-depth knowledge of Scandinavian issues in Spain, these are Sports Law (football and handball), Transport & Maritime law and Mortgage loan (banking and financial institutions).

Bringer Spanien tættere på Danmark

Friend of Scandinavia

Zafo Law is a Spanish law firm oriented towards Scandinavian clients. A law firm of modern society, where language and national borders are seen as an option rather than a limitation. Our international approach enables us to address the needs of our clients and is thus our lifeblood.

We stand out especially in that we specialize in our clients and not in specific areas of law. This has happened as a consequence of the development of society, where the need for legal assistance across borders has never been greater and continues to grow.

Zafo Law specializes in those parts of Spanish law where the international element plays a significant role. Our experience and competencies create value for our clients and society in general, and we are not afraid to say that we are a Friend of Scandinavia.

Since the foundation of Zafo Law in 2004, the office has gained exceptional experience in advising Scandinavian clients on Spanish legal matters. The most of cases dealt with by Zafo Law contain an international element involving one of the Scandinavian countries.

Vicente Sebastián Ruiz
Managing Partner and Abogado (spanish attorney-at-law)

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