Terms of business

Zafo Law terms of engagement in force from the 1st of January 2010 can be read below. If nothing else has been agreed these are the terms on which Zafo Law accepts a case for a client. 

Zafo Law S.L.P.

Zafo Law S.L.P. is a Spanish professional company (ltd.) registered in the Spanish Mercantile Registry with VAT- and registration number B63420418. 

Information about identity

Zafo Law is obliged to ask for information about our client’s identity. The information is recorded in our client database and protected according to existing Spanish legislation regarding protection of personal information’s. 


Our fees are based on the following criteria:

  • Amount of case or importance for the client.
  • Complexity of the case.
  • Degree of special expertise required.
  • Time spent on handling the case.
  • Time pressure / express work.
  • Langue required by client.
  • Outcome of the case.
  • Responsibility involved.

Our fees are always calculated without including exclusive expenses.

Before beginning a case, it is very difficult to specify the exact costs and fees. Though we always send a breakdown of the estimated fees and costs this is only indicative. Should our estimate not coincide we will inform the client as soon as possible.  

Invoicing and terms of payment

Normally we invoice our clients at closing of the case unless otherwise has been agreed in writing. Some types of cases have though a longer natural period and in those cases, we invoice currently due to the solving of the case.

Terms of payment are 8 days from invoice date, and we add Spanish VAT according to existing Spanish legislation. In case of late payment, we charge interest according to Spanish interest legislation.

Payments in advance

At Zafo Law we ask for funds to cover case related costs as well as we can ask for prepayment of funds to cover our fees partly or in full.

Governing law and jurisdiction

The services of Zafo Law are in all matters governed by Spanish law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the Spanish courts.