We have experience in obtaining recognition and enforcement of Scandinavian judgments in Spain as well as litigation arising from bankruptcy, inheritance, breach of contract, business, tax, or ordinary recovery of a financial claim. We focus from the outset on choosing the right process and we offer fixed prices that are below the recommended fees from the Spanish Bar Association.

Our litigation areas

We handle litigation in several different areas. Civil and Business are technically civil litigation, where we within Business litigation deal with litigation arising in business matters, while Civil is litigation concerning more personal matters such as inheritance cases.

Lawsuits against public authorities (typically the Spanish tax authorities) have their own special process, which in Spanish is called “Contencioso-Administrativo”.

Within Bankruptcy, we typically represent a creditor in a Spanish bankruptcy estate or the owners of a Spanish company that goes into bankruptcy. We also assist Scandinavian trustees in relation to the assets of a Scandinavian bankruptcy estate with assets in Spain, which does not always require the involvement of a Spanish court.

Finally, we have lawsuits on Enforcement in Spain of, for example, a Scandinavian judgment or a document signed with a Spanish notary.

Since the foundation of Zafo Law in 2004, the office has gained exceptional experience in advising Scandinavian clients on Spanish legal matters. The most of cases dealt with by Zafo Law contain an international element involving one of the Scandinavian countries.

Vicente Sebasti√°n Ruiz
Managing Partner and Abogado (spanish attorney-at-law)

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