Spanish NIE-number

Foreigners who wish to purchase property in Spain must be aware that all buyers need a Spanish NIE-number. This should be applied for a good amount of time in advance at the Spanish embassy in the country of residence.

What is a Spanish NIE-number?

Generally, the number is referred to as NIE which is an abbreviation for Número de Identidad de Extranjero that translated into English indicates an identification number for foreigners.

It can be compared to the Danish Personal CPR Number, that similarly identifies a person in Denmark in relation to the Danish public authorities, etc.

How do I apply for a NIE-number?

All foreigners can apply for a Spanish NIE-number through the Spanish Embassy in the country of residence.

For further information about NIE-application and fees, please contact the Spanish embassy in your home country. 

Who needs a NIE-number?

All foreigners with economic, professional or social relation to Spain.

This means that a NIE-number is acquiered if you as a foreigner e.g. wishes to buy a property in Spain, found a Spanish company or if you as a heir needs to distribute estate / heritance in Spain.

This is also the case for foreigners who will be incoporated as administrators or board member of a Spanish company.

When should I apply for a Spanish NIE-number?

As soon as possible.

In relation to the purchase of property or the foundation of a company in Spain, it is when you make the decision to buy the property or to found the company. 

Can I apply for a NIE-number in Spain?

Yes, you can apply for a Spanish NIE-number through a local police station.

Often this is more expensive as you

“All foreigners can apply for a Spanish NIE-number through the Spanish Embassy in their home country.”

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