Legal Mixed Zone no. 3 is out now

We are pleased to be able to present again a new issue of our information letter on Spanish law “Legal Mixed Zone”. This time it’s number 3.

The Legal Mixed Zone touches on a bit of it all and should therefore be relevant reading for anyone who is connected to Spain in one way or another.

In this issue you can read about an interesting decision from Mallorca regarding Spanish wealth tax and the possibility of being able to deduct outstanding debt from a mortgage on a property in Mallorca.

If you are looking to make a good bargain in Spain, you will find relevant information on acquiring productive units from Spanish companies.

If you are considering starting a business in Spain, you will find some focus points that are important to keep in mind from the start, and if you already run a business in Spain through a Spanish company, you can find important information about submitting Spanish annual accounts, mandatory company books and Spanish employment contracts.

In recent months, as part of our focus on Spanish tax for private individuals, we have published several new Fact Sheets, including Spanish capital gains tax and Spanish tax residency or non-residency, and you will therefore also find excerpts from these Fact Sheets together with further new information on an increased focus on tax non-residents property owners announced by the Spanish tax authorities.

Finally, Scandinavian athletes employed in Spanish football or handball clubs will find relevant knowledge about the compensation to which they are rightfully entitled if they remain in the club until their contract expires.