Mortgage loan

Zafo Law specializes in advising Scandinavian banks and mortgage lenders, creditors, and lawyers on matters relating to the establishment of mortgage loan in real estate located in Spain. We have conducted several hundred of notary meetings with the signing of mortgage loan documents, and we have been in charge of the subsequent registration process with land registers throughout all of Spain.

Specialized assistance to Scandinavia banks

We have extensive knowledge of the way in which Scandinavian banks and mortgage banks operate in the Scandinavian countries, including their terms, special conditions such as Danish mortgage credit, mortgage security requirements and conditions.

Zafo Law can therefore offer specialized assistance to Scandinavian banks in real estate mortgages in Spain, including signing of mortgage loan with a Spanish notary, registration of the mortgage loan in the land register and the possible execution of the mortgage.

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As a Spanish Abogado for Scandinavian clients in Spain I have great benefits of both my Danish and Spanish education.

Lars Hovmand Mikkelsen
Abogado (spanish attorney-at-law) and Cand.jur (danish lawyer)

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