If you want to establish a subsidiary in Spain, your Scandinavian company must appoint a tax representative resident in Spain. You must also make sure to report to the Spanish tax authorities digitally. Zafo Law can help you and your business with both.

Scandinavian companies with subsidiaries in Spain must designate one tax representative who is a resident of Spain. You can appoint a tax representative of your choice. Subsequently, the Spanish tax authorities, with binding effect on the company, can only contact the tax representative in connection with the submission of claims, notifications, etc.

In addition, all monthly, quarterly, and annual reports of corporation tax to the Spanish tax authorities must be digital.

Zafo Law can help you with both. You can designate Zafo Law as your Spanish tax representative for your Spanish subsidiary, and we can handle the necessary reporting on behalf of your Spanish company.

Zafo Law is registered as a Spanish tax representative for several Scandinavian parent companies as well as for their Spanish subsidiaries. Thus, both companies fulfil the necessary requirements of the Spanish tax authorities.

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Since the foundation of Zafo Law in 2004, the office has gained exceptional experience in advising Scandinavian clients on Spanish legal matters. The most of cases dealt with by Zafo Law contain an international element involving one of the Scandinavian countries.

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