The Spanish tax authorities have become much more efficient, and one must be prepared that requests will be sent to the address of the property. Often with a short response time, so it is important to be home.

Request from the Spanish tax authorities

Inquiries from the Spanish tax authorities must be answered in a timely manner. If this does not happen, it will often be sanctioned, and you will lose the opportunity to object. Regardless of whether you live permanently in your Spanish residence or not, you must respond to inquiries from the Spanish authorities. It can be a challenge. Especially for non-resident Scandinavians in Spain, as you will often only stay in the country for periods, but especially since the language in Spain is Spanish and English is not accepted in tax cases.

Spanish tax representative

Fortunately, there is a good solution. You can appoint a tax representative of your choice. The Spanish tax authorities can then only contact the tax representative in connection with requests, claims, notifications, etc. Zafo Law is registered as the Spanish tax representative for many Scandinavian property owners in Spain. In practice, this means that Zafo Law will receive the tax authorities’ request on your behalf, and we will thus be able to ensure timely response.

Since 2004, we have handled hundreds of tax cases in Spain on behalf of Scandinavians, and we have thus gained solid experience with:

  • Inheritance tax
  • Representation and conduct of cases before the Spanish tax authorities and courts
  • Annual statement of assets outside Spain (form 720)
  • Responding to requests from the Spanish tax authorities
  • Spanish tax representative
  • Annual Spanish income and wealth tax return for residents and non-residents
  • Real estate tax
  • Tax resident or not tax resident to Spain
  • Special Spanish tax scheme (Beckham rule)

We conduct tax cases at all instances of the administrative system, and we can bring legal action against the Spanish tax authorities in a court of law, if necessary, to succeed

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