Global Corporate Management

If your company is established in Spain, we can also help you with bookkeeping, accounting, tax, VAT, and salary. With our Global Corporate Management concept, you can thus focus on the business while we fulfil the company’s most common administrative obligations.

In Spain, administration and formalities generally take up a lot more than in Scandinavia, and the administrative tasks associated with the management of a Spanish company therefore also require more resources for those responsible for the company.

When you establish your business in a new market and in a foreign country, you must deal with many new conditions. New legislation and regulations, local culture, and norms, not to mention all the informal rules of the game that may be good to know. It is time consuming and can be expensive for your business. We help many of our clients save time on regular administration so they can stay focused on their core business.

Zafo Law has since 2004 gained extensive knowledge and broad experience in operating in Spain. We thus know many of the challenges and pitfalls your company will face along the way. You and your company can benefit from this. We have brought together the most basic administrative services in a single concept. We call it Global Corporate Management.

Global Corporate Management services

Administrative tasks for a Spanish company

There is a great difference between the administrative burden for companies in Spain compared to Scandinavia. Read more about the specific differences here.

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