What do you do when you have a Scandinavian judgment while the assets in which you want to execute the judgment are in Spain?
We help to obtain Spanish recognition of the Scandinavian judgment so that it can be enforced in Spain.

Should we help you enforce a judgment in Spain?

When a lawsuit in Spain concludes with a verdict, the next step will be a new phase in which the judge will be asked to begin execution of the sentence. However, it is not always that the judgment has been handed down in Spain and it must therefore be given legal force in Spain before it can be enforced.

If you do not have a judgment but a document signed with a Spanish notary, it can mean that you could go straight to execution without first having to obtain a judgment. This may be the case, for example, if you have lent money to somebody and you have remembered to have the loan agreement signed with a Spanish notary.

Should we help you?

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