Employment law

The Spanish labour market is known to be inflexible. It poses challenges for both employer and employee. Especially Scandinavian companies that want to establish themselves in the Spanish market must be aware of the significant social security payment that comes in addition to the employee’s gross salary and the Spanish rules on compensation on dismissal.

How does your business succeed in Spain?

Of course, it depends on a wide range of conditions whether a Scandinavian company is successful in Spain, and it is of course not enough to deal with only one of these matters. When it comes to considerations in relation to employees, we recommend three focus points that Scandinavian companies should prepare for to navigate in a Spanish context.

We work with three focus points

Employment law

  • Types of employment and contract of employment
  • Director Employment Contract
  • Dismissal
  • Social security
  • Consequences of termination of employment contract
  • Dispute and the special litigation procedure (CMAC)

Since the foundation of Zafo Law in 2004, the office has gained exceptional experience in advising Scandinavian clients on Spanish legal matters. The most of cases dealt with by Zafo Law contain an international element involving one of the Scandinavian countries.

Vicente Sebasti√°n Ruiz
Managing Partner and Abogado (spanish attorney-at-law)

We advise in your language

We know that the Spanish language can be perceived as a barrier for you. That is why we offer advice in Danish, Swedish, English, or Spanish so you can feel comfortable in your communication with us.

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