Debt collection

Do you deal with companies in Spain and do you need help to recover outstanding debts or otherwise need to handle debt collection cases?

Zafo Law can help your business with this.

Bad debt or customer who is unsatisfied with your credit?

Recovering a claim from a Spanish company may seem like a hopeless affair. Especially if you are at a long distance and it must be done in a foreign language. Zafo Law has many years of experience in assisting Scandinavian companies with the recovery of outstanding in Spain.

We can help your company with recovery in Spain and thus avoid or minimize unnecessary losses in your business.

Generally, a significantly longer credit is granted in Spain than in the Scandinavian countries, and the non-payment may reflect dissatisfaction with the credit given.

When the claim is of a not insignificant size, you greatly improve your options for recovery if you can get your debtor to recognize your claim in a Spanish notarial document, as this will be directly enforceable.

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Debt collection

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