If you have a claim with a Spanish company that has gone into bankruptcy in Spain, you as a creditor must file a legal claim in the bankruptcy at the court. It is not enough that you submit your claim to the trustee, and you must appoint a Spanish lawyer who can submit your claim at the Spanish court handling the bankruptcy. If your own business is in trouble, we advise you on how to go through a bankruptcy process.

Are you a trustee of a Scandinavian bankruptcy estate with assets in Spain?

Let Zafo Law help secure and realize the asset located in Spain. We have a thorough knowledge of this problem and it is our experience that a solution depends on the facts. We therefore focus on finding the solution that, in your particular case, can actually be feasible.

Is your Spanish customer or supplier bankrupt?

Unfortunately, sometimes a customer or supplier gets into financial trouble. When a bankruptcy proceeding has started in Spain, you as a creditor should be especially aware that you can only then claim your claim if you formally participate in the bankruptcy proceedings in Spain.

Is your Spanish business facing bankruptcy?

If your Spanish business is in financial trouble and is facing a bankruptcy, a lot of questions arise. Are there Spanish guarantee schemes that cover employees? Can one be held personally responsible for the company’s financial situation? We help you deal with this difficult situation in the best possible way.

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